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Michael G. Woodley was born on September 7th, 1987 in Walnut Creek, California where he continues to reside today. He became interested in music at a young age when he discovered his mother’s nylon string guitar. After 20 years of growth and development, Michael is now a skilled and versatile musician who continues to hone his craft. In addition to the guitar, Michael plays bass, keyboards, drums, the glockenspiel, and many others. He has independently composed, produced, and recorded over 1000 original songs, including tracks and scores for video games, short films, and podcasts.


Michael draws inspiration from dreams, his experiences, and the world around him. His compositions employ a vast diversity of musical styles and techniques including layering loops, stream of consciousness, process music, and more. He also uses experimental techniques to create truly unique and masterful sounds. Michael strives to invoke specific feelings or emotions in his listeners, and creates music and sounds to bring those feelings to life.


Michael is working on the soundtrack for the video game Chronicon, currently available in early access. He also is a budding luthier who founded Woodley Guitars in early 2018, in addition to personal projects including writing, filmmaking, traditional and 3D arts, and video game development.