In the studio, 2017

In the studio, 2017


Michael found music when he was very young, about 20 years ago. He picked up his Mom's nylon string guitar (that he wasn't really supposed to touch) and wanted to play it. It started with wild flailing, plucking, and picking, yet resulted in a fleshed out musician. Not right away, of course. It took 20 years to really nail down the skills the Michael possesses now. Not only has he recorded over 1000 original songs, he has also composed and produced soundtracks for video games, short films, and theme songs for blogs. Currently he is working on the soundtrack for the video game "Chronicon,' in addition to teaching Film Music at the Futures Explored Film Workshop.

Photographer: Ashley Siemon

Photographer: Ashley Siemon

Artwork by Roanne Quiozon

Artwork by Roanne Quiozon



Trailer Music for KAI by Pulp Digital Productions

**Official Soundtrack for Chronicon (video game) by developer Subworld

Theme music for Adaptation: A Podcast Dedicated to Film Adaptations by Kendyl Bryant

*Official Soundtrack for Arenlay (video game) by developer Subworld

Tutti e Nienti in Bb-Minor accepted into Crucial Music Catalog



Several orchestral works for Strawberry Hill Music

Arrangements in a multitude of genres for Raj Ramayya

*will be released at a later date

**In Progress