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Compositions by Michael G. Woodley

The Kessler Syndrome  by Michael G. Woodley

The Kessler Syndrome by Michael G. Woodley

I was hit pretty hard by the recent passing of my dear uncle Jim. This song is in celebration of his life, and tries to emulate the joy he brought to life. This piece poured out of me.


This piece was modeled after an idea called the Kessler Syndrome (aka ablation cascade). In it's simplest terms, if there are several objects orbiting earth for example, the probability of those objects colliding increases when two collide. Like my last piece, Heliocentricity, I use a single melody, with small alterations here and there, and let the piece create it's own harmony in a sense.

Heliocentricity  by Michael G. Woodley

Heliocentricity by Michael G. Woodley

I took a different approach to writing this piece than I normally do. This composition is about creating harmony from one melody and weaving a texture that is both pleasing and pensive. It, in many ways, is modeled after our very own heliocentric solar system.

Chronicon OST  by Michael G. Woodley

Chronicon OST by Michael G. Woodley

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The OST will be available for purchase upon release of the final game.

Date: TBD


Highly experimental compositions. These sound and noise-scapes are meant to get under the skin. Transmission is extremely unsettling. It is recommended to listen to the Transmission series in a dark room with headphones.