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Transmission-4.243 Light Years (HQ WAV)

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Michael G Woodley-Transmission.jpg

Transmission-4.243 Light Years (HQ WAV)


Buried within the Transmission is a piece written for piano based on the Fibonacci sequence. Every number in the sequence has a note assigned to it based on key position in C-Major. Every time the note is encountered again within the sequence, it is altered. 1st encounter it is natural, 2nd it is flat, 3rd it is sharp, 4th it is natural again. Here is the sequence and how I used it:

1=C, 1=Cb (B), 2=D, 3=E, 5=G, 8=C#, 13=A, 21=B, 34=Bb, 55=Ab, 89=Gb, 144=F, 233=Db, 377=A# (Bb), 610=A (natural), 987=G#,
1597=Eb, 2584=B# (C), 4181=Ab, 6765=D#, 10946=E# (F)

Definitely a fun way to compose. The great part is that you can take the series and transpose as you please. I played with some parts more than others, inverting and changing roots, but ultimately I loved building harmony using this sequence. Nothing really came out how I expected which was really nice. Makes it sound like E.T. playing piano.

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